Tank Storage Magazine v12 i03


Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Date Published: May 4, 2016



Growing specialty storage in Latin America

A growing demand for niche storage in South America has prompted QC Terminales to enhance their established industry position and capture more of the market share.

Serving a niche market in Texas

Jacob Stern & Sons are enhancing their unique market position by expanding their operations in the specialty chemicals, oils and industrial liquids industry.

Enhancing the crossroad for global maritime trade

A project for the design and construction of land based marine fuels storage will help to cement Gibraltar’s premier position as the largest bunkering hub in the Mediterranean.

Fulfilling Colombia's midstream needs

The creation of a public-access liquids terminal for the import and export of petroleum, vegetable oils and chemicals is helping to enhance Colombia’s oil, gas and vegetable oils market

Keeping the US crude oil exports flowing

A year ago, prospects seemed dim that the lifting of the US crude oil export ban would become a reality with theCongress and President at odds on nearly every issue. However, in mid-December 2015, as part of the deal on tax and spending legislation, the ban on crude oil exports was lifted.

Tank integrity assessment

Aboveground, vertical cylindrical tanks have been in use for many years to store crude oil and petrochemical industry feedstocks, refinery products, general chemicals and other products.

Modernisation of EPA's risk management programme mooted

Proposed revisions to the Environmental Protection Agency’s risk management programme following several major chemical incidents have been criticised for being overly stringent.

The success behind a thiriving ageing terminal

Ras Tanura Terminal (RTT) is the oldest of Saudi Aramco’s three terminals. It started operations in 1938 and is one of the largest crude oil export terminals in the world. It can ship more than 1.2 million barrels per day (bpd) to international customers.

The next evolution in tank heating

Circulating steam or hot oil through internal heating coils in bulk storage tanks has long been used to heat andmaintain temperature of liquid asphalt and bitumen.

The need for reliable evaluation of floating roof seals

Floating roofs (EFRT) and floating covers (IFRT) are known to be the most effective and environmentally sound technical equipment to limit emissions during storage of liquid hydrocarbons.

Protecting storage tanks from lightning for safety and reliabilty

Providing adequate and effective lightning protection for storage tanks constitutes a beneficial and cost-effective step in assuring both personnel safety and reliability.

Harnessing technology to improve regulatory compliance and preparedness

Industry volatility associated with plunging commodity pricing is pressing many energy companies to operate at minimal staffing levels and challenging them to ‘do more with less’ while sustaining current enterprise-wide preparedness capabilities and regulatory compliance.

An adaptive solution in pumping technology

As the world constantly changes it is imperative to keep pumping operations at storage facilities up-to-date.

The importance of coatings to achieve high performance in chemical storage

The risk of corrosive attacks by highly volatile products, such as those contained in bulk liquid storage facilities, is a key concern for all operators.

Low oil price drives storage terminal development

Despite the unpredictable oil price fluctuations recently, tank terminals have been experiencing boisterous development.

Gas-chromatography: measuring gases on micro basis

When it comes to measuring gases in the industry, there are many ways to do it. One smart system is to use a gas-chromatograph. Although sensor technology is widely used, gas chromatography and infrared spectrophotometry play an important role in several applications for different markets and sectors.