Tank Storage Magazine v12 i01


Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Date Published: February 26, 2016



Good business sense in the Mediterranean

Following a successful first year of operations in Cyprus, VTTV’s general manager discusses future expansion plansfor the eastern Mediterranean oil hub

Success in a crowded market

As InterTank celebrates its fourth birthday, the company’s MD talks about the local market and growth plans

Testing oil storage limits in 2016

JBC Energy’s managing director examines how recent & expected supply/demand balances are affecting storage demand, suggesting that storage will be needed for middle distillates in Europe

The great refining transition

Strong competition from US, Middle East and Asian markets is threatening to dethrone Europe’s key refining position. Mahin Siddiqui, energy analyst, reports

Full steam ahead

The second largest port for petroleum products in the French Mediterranean coast is looking to break into new international markets as it develops assets for the future

Capitalising the Mediterranean gateway

The Port of Tarragona’s commercial director reflects on 2015 and examines the opportunities 2016 will bring

A whole new world

The IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2015 predicts that demand will continue to grow from the transport and petrochemical sectors as the market looks to rebalance with higher demand and lower supply growth

Ten years on from Buncefield

Substantial improvements have been made to prevention and control processes as well as leadership and management in the industry

Cashing in on the contango

Bloated inventories and demand for storage a key global hubs paint a positive picture for European storage operators as supply continues to exceed demand in 2016. Amy McLellan reports

The storage potential

Six storage operators from Europe, the US and Middle East share their thoughts about developments in 2015 and what 2016 has in store...

Vapour recovery: Realising your recovered product

Vapour recovery systems are commonly used throughout the storage industry for products ranging from petroleum and aromatics to increasingly, crude oil.

Protecting against the number one threat to workplace safety

Terminal storage tank operations – the unloading and loading of product from supply links such as vessels, rail and truck tankers to storage tanks, and onward to distribution links – present many safety challenges.

3D Laser scanning: Gaining recognition in storage

Storage terminals are increasingly turning to 3D laser scanning to obtain accurate tank data.

Preventing contamination following incorrect line-up of manual valves

In the tank storage industry, loading material into the wrong tank or offloading from the wrong tank, can cause contamination, overfill or spill, leading to safety and environmental problems and product waste.

LBC Tank Terminals deploys open and scalable PlantPAx solution

Agidens, a Rockwell Automation recognised system integrator, replaces obsolete control solution and software at multiple facilities

Updating tank fire protection standards

The tactical rules for extinguishing fire in flammable liquid storage tanks are based on several standards and recommendations (e.g. FM, NFPA, UL, BS, EN, GOST, VdS,).

Fibreglass tanks - an excellent alternative to steel

For a long time the default storage tank was made out of steel.

Centralised processes improve IT security

The digital transformation keeps changing our life at an extremely fast pace and has made it more comfortable in many facets.

Economic benefits of line strip and self-priming pumps

The importance and benefits of these processes for a terminal owner

Sought after pump technology

Case study of screw pumps and systems being utilised in Russia

Eliminating the ignition hazards of electrostatically charged hoses

With no static grounding protection in place a truck conducting a loading or unloading operation will become electrostatically charged because it has no means of preventing the accumulation of static electricity on its tank and chassis.

The critical first line of defence against overfills

If tank gauging systems work reliably and efficiently, the root cause of problems can be prevented and fewer incidents will occur

Reducing operational expenditures of standard vapour recovery units in tank storage

The energy saving potential of optimised vacuum systems and VRU operation energy management