Tank Storage Magazine v11 i07


Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Date Published: November 5, 2015



The evolution of a downstream powerhouse

The creation of a major independent oil company in northwest Europe opens up significant downstream possibilities for the market. The enlarged Varo Energy has an ambitious vision to offer a market leading supply network in northwest Europe.

Shale's dominance in the global oil market

The steady growth of shale oil production in the US is dramatically influencing the global market and has the potential to emerge as the new producer in setting the global oil price.

The turning tide for the German storage market

Amy McLellan examines the range of developments facing the German storage market and how this could impact operators going forward.News that leading German car-maker Volkswagen had been cheating diesel emissions tests aroused a certain schadenfreude in some quarters.

Pioneering changes to achieve sustainable storage success

Innovation is key to TanQuid’s future strategic business model.Innovating a proven strategic business model to continue successfully operating within a tighter regulatory framework is a challenge TanQuid is relishing.

Surviving the Darwinian oil industry

Mahin Siddiqui, associate at Gulf Intelligence, looks at how the current energy era is presenting opportunities for the storage industry.The energy era has brought challenges and opportunities for the global energy industry.

Innovation in tank terminal asset management

Recognising the portential of laser technologyFor storage terminals, obtaining accurate tank data is integral to ensuring efficiency in the day to day running of thefacility; including engineering, maintenance and expansion.Traditional equipment used to gather tank data requires temporary access platforms to be erected, in order to collect information about the tank surface.

Terminal auditing training solutions

It comes as no surprise that the terminal industry is experiencing serious challenges in recruiting, training and retention of qualified workers. The younger generation is attracted to the industry for the challenges, competitive compensation, benefits and career opportunities.

Why pull the plug on drains?

The design philosophy behind a significant shift in floating cover technology: decks without drains.Cover drains are defined by the US EPA in AP-42 as either ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Closed drains are not typically used on aluminum floating covers. Open cover drains can be either ‘flush’ or ‘overflow’.

How to avoid a tank collapse

The industrial gas industry produces the elemental components of 'air' (nitrogen, oxygen, argon) that are used in other industries as part of their processes. Once separated from air, each element exists as an extremely cold, cryogenic temperature liquid. Typical liquid temperatures are -185°C.

Keeping your tanks alive

The Buchen and Xervon companies, belonging to the Remondis-Group, jointly offer a full service for the construction and maintenance of storage tanks and their valuable contents.

Topping up the competence management tank

Like Rome, be advised to calendar more than a day to build a competence management system (CMS). Important work, after all, takes time. Within this sector, competency must surely sit at the top of the importance scale. It is the barrier protecting the safe from the unsafe.

Centralised processes improve IT security

The digital transformation keeps changing our life at an extremely fast pace and has made it more comfortable in many facets. The expectations and demands on IT-enabled processes in the tank storage business has increased significantly over the last few years.

Modernising old tank farms to meet new requirements

Tank gauging is at the forefront of wireless networks When most tank farms were built, automation was costly. Therefore most storage tanks have a bare minimum of instrumentation and rely heavily on manual checks. There are now even more stringent safety and environmental directives and new fiscal requirements.