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Mark Busch at Conidia Bioscience looks at how single use immunoassay fuel test kits can help.

Microbiological contamination (fungi and bacteria in fuel) is a serious risk to tank storage operations, especially if fuel turnover is lower. However, there are some fast, economical steps that can be taken to prevent unnecessary costs and risks
to business.



Like a piece of bread, fuel is an organic substance. Also like a piece of bread, fuel can go mouldy. Mould, along with yeast, is a form of fungus and grows over time. The longer it is stored, therefore, the greater the risk that this naturally occurring microbiological contamination will thrive.

Fuel inherently contains water in some form as soon as it leaves the sterile environment of the refinery. Water can be picked up at any point in the supply chain; in pipelines, storage tanks and fuelling trucks. It can also naturally enter storage tanks due to condensation, making it impossible to keep ...

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