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Independent Audit

“Advanced 3D Laser Solutions owes a lot of our success to the team at Tank Storage Magazine! When we launched the company in 2014, the Tank Storage Magazine team gave us an opportunity to tell their readers about our services. Since then the team have helped us achieve a global presence within the tank storage community.”
Colin Pittman, Director, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions

Read this before allocating any marketing budget in 2020

Every month companies such as yourselves commit a certain about of advertising spend to Tank Storage Magazine with the hope of raising your company’s profile, attracting new customers and educating tank storage professionals about your company’s industry expertise.

But how do you know how many potential customers actually see your advert?

Every six months the Tank Storage Magazine team invests a significant amount of time and money into an independent audit.

A professional body, BPA Worldwide scrutinises every aspect of our distribution. As part of this process, BPA:

  • Telephones a cross-section of recipients on the mailing list to verify they have physically received a regular copy of Tank Storage Magazine,
  • Counts how much people receive every issue of Tank Storage Magazine to prove circulation figures,
  • Examines every single delivery order to prove which conferences & exhibitions Tank Storage Magazine is distributed at,
  • Contacts a cross-section of readers to check they are relevant, i.e. terminal operators / traders / EPC providers,
  • Checks the age of the data to ensure everyone receiving the magazine has been verified within the past 3 years.

As a result of our latest audit we can prove:

  • Tank Storage Magazine is mailed out 7 times per year & each issue is posted to 3,257 named terminal professionals
  • Over 15,000 copies of Tank Storage Magazine are distributed to tank storage-related tradeshows every year
  • Every person on the mailing list has been verified within the last 3 years
  • has over 6,000 average users per month
  • has just under 15,000 average pageviews per month
  • 100% of our readership are professionals within the tank storage industry
  • 50% of our distribution is to North America

These figures guarantee that advertising with Tank Storage Magazine provides value for money.

If you have any questions regarding the independent audit, please contact the magazine’s publisher Margaret Dunn: