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Terminal News

LNG industry experiencing unprecedented uncertainty

The global LNG industry is witnessing an unprecedented period of uncertainty thanks to the fallout from the lower hydrocarbons prices.

Demand for LNG and gas will grow exponentially over the next 30 years, however the slump in prices has left many suppliers and project owners uncertain over future cashflow and profits.

In two weeks' time leading suppliers and project developers will gather at Gastech Singapore to create new opportunities in global gas and LNG.

Speakers and delegates at the event include Alexander Medvedev, from Gazprom, Prabhat Singh, CEO of Petronet and Shan Weiguo, CNPC's director for natural gas research.

Additionally, BG Group's chief executive Helge Lund will give his first major public speech since taking the reins at the company.

The event is expected to attract 21,000 industry professionals and suppliers from across the globe.

For more information about the event on October 27 to 30 in Singapore, visit