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Technical News

Symex returns to the market

Europe-based Symex is one of the most innovative suppliers of activated carbon adsorption vapour recovery systems and the inventor of the revolutionary dry screw vacuum regeneration technology.

Many companies have copied the Symex technology, but unfortunately not always with the highest levels of success. Symex aims to support the end users of the technology to make these systems function properly and satisfactorily.

Symex technology, if installed and maintained properly, represents numerous advantages:

  • Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum by using frequency controlled vacuum pumps enabling a flexible vacuum capacity proportional to the mass of hydrocarbon to be treated.
  • The dry screw technology allows treatment of a wide range of hydrocarbons molecules as present in the vapours of petrol, diesel, naphtha, aromatic products, crude oil, alcohols, etc.
  • The lifetime of the activated carbon is improved due to the controlled regeneration technology, which provides a balanced hydrocarbon charge on the carbon in adsorption and regeneration phase. In combination with an improved and proprietary vapour distribution system inside the activated carbon beds the dust-formation is limited to a minimum.
  • The systems are simple, compact and easy to operate and maintain.