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Issue Contents

Volume 4
Issue 5

November 1, 2008

Tank Storage Magazine is the leading industry publication dedicated exclusively to the bulk liquid storage industry. It is read by terminal managers, senior engineers, logistics/distribution managers and CEOs within oil, gas and petrochemical facilities as well as third party terminal operators.

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Delta Petrol boosts Ceyhan capacity
As Turkey gains importance in the global energy and oil trade, the Ceyhan region is becoming key for storage operators, especially Delta Petrol, currently building the Mediterranean's largest independent terminal Formed in the 1980s, Delta Petrol is the leading independent oil products storage and logistics company in the region...
Pipeline politics
The Caspian and Black Seas, and the Caucasus that links them, have been fraught with tension for years...
StocExpo enters the energy corridor
The industry leading show is perfectly timed to allow terminal operators to get together and discuss how the current conflict is affecting the local storage industry This November StocExpo will be tackling the challenging region of Turkey and the surrounding areas with its latest event, StocExpo Turkey & the Black & Caspian Seas 2008...
Mechanised welding in focus
Mechanised welding offers significant advantages for aboveground tank fabrication, in terms of speed and accuracy, compared with traditional manual welding techniques Tank construction companies favour two different approaches: building from the bottom up in stages, or the hydraulic jack method, which involves building from the top course down...
The right resistance
Escalating ethanol production and discoveries of deep-drawn oil are prompting better preparation and the improvement of products for lining storage tanks In the depths of the ocean new oil is being found...
Tuning into wireless
Process industries, including refineries and oil and chemical storage companies, are on the cusp of a new application of existing technology...
The emergence of highly intelligent RFID
The third generation of RFID technology is upon us First generation radio frequency identification (RFID) technology - passive RFID - brought new ways to identify products and goods...
Safety before speed
Strict regulations require regular inspections of tank bottoms and foundations for signs of corrosion, but as yet there are no standards regulating the methods used for tank jacking Misjudgement of soggy ground conditions can lead to costly mistakes, as demonstrated in a well reported incident during re-location and levelling of a tank after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans...
Thermal maintenance of field erected sulphur tanks
A new method of tank heating is available that can minimise the corrosive environment affecting field erected sulphur storage tanks Field erected storage tanks have been used for years to store large volumes of molten sulphur...
The price of inaccuracy
With oil prices high, and likely to remain so, accurate measurement has never been more important...