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“Tank Storage Magazine cuts through all the noise, delivering the right news and services to the right people at the right moment. It is always on top of the latest news in our sector and it brings the whole industry together, not just vendors and customers. ”
Walter Wattenbergh, group CEO, LBC Tank Terminals
Fujairah's newest storage terminal
The latest storage asset in the Port of Fujairah for middle distillates and fuel oil also offers one of the fastest flow rates Brooge Petroleum and Gas Investment Company (BPGIC) is the youngest storage terminal in the Port of Fujairah, having started operations recently...
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Shifting LNG market dynamics
As LNG markets evolve to become more flexible and increasingly more competitive thanks to a global glut, energy analyst Mahin Siddiqui examines how this has affected business LNG markets are in a state of significant flux...
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The rise of the fake terminal
Whilst not a new phenomenon, fraudsters attempting to trick people out of significant sums of money are using more sophisticated techniques, prompting officials at the Port of Rotterdam to act...
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Storage for a flourishing trading market
As products supply continues to skyrocket and refining and production infrastructure grows in the Middle East, Alaska International plans to build more capacity for Class A products Escalating demand for petroleum, distillates and fuel oil, coupled with a surge in oil production and additional refineries in the Middle East, is creating a solid growth foundation for Alaska International...
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Storage hubs: navigating unprecedented changes
Oil storage hubs have had to adapt to unprecedented market changes over the last few years – and even moreextraordinary changes are on the horizon...
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Middle East storage operators buck oil price trend
Despite a drawdown in Fujairah inventory, storage operators still see opportunities ahead...
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Ensuring India's energy security
Three vast underground storage caverns are not only cushioning India from the disastrous consequences of oil supplydisruption but are also changing the energy scenario for its refining sector In 2015, history was made in India with the commissioning of the first of three strategic underground storage caverns at Visakhapatnam, Mangalore and Padur...
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Deploying automation logic to fuel management systems
Automation of tank terminal processes at Chicago O’Hare International Airport improves operational efficiency across fuel management systems Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG), now owned by Menzies Aviation, has been the fuel system operator for the tank farm at the Chicago O’Hare Airport since 1960...
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The future is smart
Downstream process specialists Implico examine the top ten key technologies that are revolutionising the tank terminal industry Tank terminal operators are now facing major challenges: volatile crude oil prices, increased competitive pressureand numerous takeovers are demanding foresight, flexibility and new business models...
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Innovative techniques for tank storage inspection
A unique NDT method has been developed for the inspection of welds in storage tanks that not only increases operational reliability but also reduces inspection costs...
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Overfill protection: A review of API 2350 4th & 5th edition
In the second of a two-part article series, Philip Myers and Brock Trotter of PEMY Consulting review the 4th and 5th editions of API 2350 and how it affects overfill standards MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PRACTICESLOCSA key step in OPP is to establish LOCs (levels of concern) as shown in Figure 3...
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Jetty inspection from another perspective
Maintenance inspection of jetties is not an everyday job and has been postponed in the past...
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Using sonar to fight sludge
An Interferometric sonar is now being used to provide clients with an accurate sludge volume and an image of the sludge build-up in crude oil storage tanks...
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Magnetic anchors for smarter scaffolds
The annual scaffolding costs at a refinery or a tank storage company can be high, which remains the driving force behind ongoing innovations in this field...
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Volume 14
Issue 2

March 27, 2018

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