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“Tank Storage Magazine cuts through all the noise, delivering the right news and services to the right people at the right moment. It is always on top of the latest news in our sector and it brings the whole industry together, not just vendors and customers. ”
Walter Wattenbergh, group CEO, LBC Tank Terminals
Transforming the energy sector
The international energy sector will be significantly reshaped over the next 20 years as the US rises to become the undisputed global oil and gas leader and reorients global trade flows, according to the IEA’s 2017 World Energy Outlook A radical reshaping of the energy sector driven by production output from the US and a growing trend towards electricity and renewables will transform traditional ways of meeting energy demand...
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Spearheading the UAE's new gas chapter
The Sharjah National Oil Corporation is leveraging existing infrastructure and natural resources to ensure greater gassecurity for the UAE as it explores gas storage in the region In November 1978, a team of engineers crisscrossing 600,000 acres of Sharjah’s desert pinned down a sweet spot; the Sajaa asset...
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IMO sulphur fuel cap: what now?
Charles Daly examines the possible avenues various supply chain players will take to adhere to the IMO’s new cap on the sulphur content in bunker fuel After much deliberation and consultancy work, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has finally decided that the global cap on ship’s fuel oil sulphur be set at 0...
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An international concept in a captive market
Executives at Oiltanking Matola explain how they are introducing the independent storage model in sub Saharan Africa to create more opportunities for supply chain players Oiltanking Matola is introducing a new storage concept in the captive markets of sub Saharan Africa in a bid to unlock opportunities for suppliers and distributors in the region...
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South Africa's newest energy asset
Burgan Cape Terminals – the latest energy asset in South Africa – brings greater flexibility and optionality to a flourishing market When Burgan Cape Terminals officially opened in August 2017, it signalled a new storage era for the Western Cape of South Africa...
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Africa breathes a sigh of relief
As crude prices finally recover, storage operators in the continent are starting to see light at the end of the economic tunnel...
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Achieving better risk prevention in Chinese terminals
LBC Shanghai Shipping is making tangible progress towards better risk prevention with the use of a specialised risk prevention management system In recent years, accidents in storage terminals have made headlines in China, prompting local authorities to strengthen regulations and to very significantly step up law enforcement...
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One gauge, double the protection
Radar level gauges with two separate and independent electrical units and a common antenna can provide a cost-effective solution for tank overfill protection...
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Tank jacking: reviving an ageing asset
Tank jacking is historically not unknown in Asia. In the early 1970’s tanks were jacked due to settlement problems in Malaysia and Singapore...
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Digitalisation: future-proofing terminal operations
The digital revolution has been a long time coming for the storage sector but many operators are now realising the commercial need to further automate processes in an increasingly competitive market...
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Tank storage management: from analytics to intelligent automation
Internet of Things technologies promise to generate rich sources and large quantities of data from tank storage operations...
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Automating the supply chain
Collaborative tools are helping to automate liquid storage terminals and optimise all multi-modal product movements The efficiency of liquid storage terminals has steadily improved as operators employ web-based collaborative process-optimisation tools to help streamline and enhance supply chain logistics...
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Overfill prevention guarantees safer operations
A Swiss chemical manufacturer protects their facility and tank transport operators with the latest in overfill prevention and static grounding solutions A European chemical manufacturer looking to enhance safety during the loading of hazardous liquid chemicalsinvested in the latest overfill prevention and static grounding solution...
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Miniaturisation of rupture disks for chemical tank storage
Miniaturised rupture disks from 1/8” to 1” deliver protection against overpressurisation at low, medium and high set burst pressures For more than 85 years, the rupture disk has served as an effective passive safety mechanism to protect againstoverpressure or potentially damaging vacuum conditions in storage tanks and other enclosed vessels used for chemical processing...
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Volume 13
Issue 7

January 2, 2018

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