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“Tank Storage Magazine cuts through all the noise, delivering the right news and services to the right people at the right moment. It is always on top of the latest news in our sector and it brings the whole industry together, not just vendors and customers. ”
Walter Wattenbergh, group CEO, LBC Tank Terminals
Investing in a flourishing market
As the chemical industry experiences a resurgence in the US, Stolthaven Houston is positioning itself to meet growing demand for infrastructure The shale oil revolution has led to a revival in the US chemical sector as significant investments are made in production capacity, generating more demand for more supply chain infrastructure...
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Fulfilling Houston's storage potential
Following the completion of 7.5 million barrels of underground cavern storage capacity, Fairway Energy is focusing on creating an extensive distribution network to support Houston’s thriving crude oil market Fairway Energy’s underground cavern storage is addressing a need in Houston for a more efficient crude oil marketas production continues to drive demand for logistics infrastructure...
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The storage and transport games
A lack of refining capacity in Mexico means that oil product imports will continue to increase, and infrastructure investments are now being made to capitalise on these market dynamics The storage and transport games started long ago, back in 2013, when several investors saw the potential demand for refined imported products from Tuxpan Veracruz...
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The rupture ripple effect
Analysing the impact of crude pipeline outages on the supply chain The network of crude pipelines in North America serves as the circulatory system for the oil supply chain...
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From demand pull to supply push
Altered supply chain dynamics, which has seen the US move from peak oil to a supply glut, have created attractive conditions for storage operators The resurgence in US crude production over the past several years has generated a myriad of market and structuralchanges, including upending world trade flows while pressing and holding refined fuel prices at low levels that has incentivised demand...
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Turbulent times
How sanctions on Venezuelan crude, Mexico’s energy liberalisation and President Trump’s ‘America first’ energy stance are having an effect on trade flows across the US...
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Volume 13
Issue 5

September 13, 2017

Published six times a year, Tank Storage Magazine is the industry leading publication for the oil, petroleum and chemical storage terminal sector.

Each issue provides an analysis on current market trends, the latest storage legislation and regulations, terminal developments, acquisitions, mergers and closures as well as emerging technology.

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