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Event Info

24 January 2019 - 25 January 2019

12th annual European Oil Storage Conference

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

After 3 years the oil price is now expected to climb beyond $80. How will this impact oil storage demand, are we likely to go back into backwardation, or are there other opportunities ahead with the likes of further growth in petrochemicals and the IMO’s 2020 global cap.

Key topics for 2019

  • Setting the scene for oil storage: Supply and demand fundamentals – Latest on geopolitics, the oil price, what’s in contango or backwardation, and where are tradeflows going?
  • 2020 marine fuel sulphur cap: what does it all mean for oil storage? – With expectations of a strong take up of distillates and the inherent drop off in fuel oil, how will this transform Europe’s storage utilization?
  • International perspectives for oil storage: Latest on developments and best practices – Updates on the SPRs in China and the US, impact of changes in product flows from Russia, and latest on capacity increases in the middle east and challenges in Africa
  • Trading: Futures contracts and blockchain technology – Are futures overvalued and what can we learn from blockchain pilot trading initiatives?
  • Finance and investment trends and dissecting the latest M&As – What is required for the storage industry today?