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London, UK (07April 2017) - Artexis Easyfairs introduces StocExpo China, the latest edition to the StocExpo & Tank Storage global portfolio, taking place on 13 and 14 December at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. StocExpo China 2017 will be the world’s largest dedicated event for the Chinese storage terminal industry, and will be held in partnership with Chinese organizer AIT Events.

全球最大储罐展组委会--ArtexisEasyfairs联合其中国战略伙伴北京亚艾特展览有限公司,共同为存储终端产业打造2017中国(上海)储罐展这一盛会。该展览会将于2017年12月13 – 14日在上海展览中心举办。

China has emerged as a key storage hub and critical growth area for the tank terminal industry, with 9,500 tanks over 418 sites and over 195million m³ of capacity catering for one of the world’s largest markets. Last year, the Chinese Government approved plans to add an additional 150 million barrels of oil to the country’s storage capacity in the next 2-3 years. East China, including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Provinces currently holds 31 per cent of the country’s total capacity, is home to the largest terminals in China and also has the highest number of new build and expansion projects underway in the country.




StocExpo China 2017 will feature a top flight 2-day conference programme, with industry experts from the region providing knowledge and insight into China’s critical storage issues. Day one of the event will include topics such as market outlook, investment opportunities & terminal updates. Day two is designed to educate local terminal professionals on ways to modernise, improve & update their terminal facilities and will cover topics such as coatings, cleaning, fire safety, tank inspection, gauging, automation and more.



It will also host a major exhibition with over 80 suppliers from around the world showcasing their latest equipment and services. After only one week of selling, confirmed exhibitors already include major names such as Mesa Industries, Honeywell, HMT, Fort Vale, Wolftank Adisa, Scully Systems, Hytrans China, Richards Industries, Protego, Satam, Full Most, Emco Wheaton, Cortec, Borsig and Holmatro.


本次展览会将有来自全球80多家储罐行业的供应商带来它们的新设备和服务参加展示。自展会新闻发布会的一周时间,现在已经报名参展的知名企业有:Mesa Industries, Honeywell, HMT, Fort Vale, Wolftank Adisa, Scully Systems, Hytrans China, Richards Industries, Protego, Satam, Full Most, Emco Wheaton, Cortec, Borsig and Holmatro.


David Schafer, Sales Director at Mesa Industries, Inc., explains why his company will be exhibiting: “China is a big growth market for us. StocExpo China will offer us an excellent business platform to meet our existing contacts out there, but also to reach an even wider market.”


Mesa Industries销售总监David Schafer向组委会介绍他们参加本届展览会的原因:中国对我们来说是一个不断增长的市场。2017中国(上海)储罐展将会为我们提供一个与中国市场的现有客户的非常好的商务平台,而且帮助我开拓一个更广泛的市场。”


The show will bring together terminal operators, oil companies, traders, EPC providers, equipment suppliers, analysts and regulators from China and across Asia to network, learn and do business. Companies due to participate include China National Oil Corporation (CNPC), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Sinopec, Sinochem, PetroChina, BP, Fujan Refining & Petrochemical Company (FREP), Longwei Petroleum, Henan Yali Petrochemical, Brightoil Petroleum, Odfjell, Vopak, Shell and Oiltanking.


本届展览会的目标客户集中在:主要来自中国和亚洲地区的储罐运营单位、石油公司、贸易公司、EPC提供商以及设备供应商、分析仪器和调节阀等供应商,大家在此聚会、相互学习与交流。组委会拟邀请的重要石油大企业有:中国石油天然气气团公司、中石油、中海油、中石化、BP、福建联合石油化工有限公司、龙威石油、河南亚力石化有限公司、光汇石油、挪威奥德菲尔、荷兰皇家孚宝集团以及欧德油储有限公司、Odfjell, Vopak, Shell 和Oiltanking等。


StocExpo China already has strong industry support, with strategic partnerships already being negotiated with terminals, oil companies, ports and associations across China, including: China Petroleum Storage Association, China Industrial Gases Industry Association,  China Association of Warehouses and Storage, Vopak, Oiltanking, LBC Terminals, Topsafe Terminals & Zhengrong Terminals to name a few.


2017中国(上海)储罐展得到行业的强有力的支持,同时与储罐、石油公司以及港口和相关协会建立的战略合作,其中包括中国石油储运协会、中国工业气体行业协会、中国仓储协会和相关企业如:Vopak, Oiltanking, LBC储罐, Topsafe储罐和正荣储罐等。


 Nick Powell, Divisional Director at Artexis Easyfairs comments: “Given the magnitude of the Chinese market, it seems only right that Easyfairs - which runs the world’s largest portfolio of tank storage events - has picked this as its next market. It is a dream pairing.

 We have already experienced a huge appetite from the Chinese market and we know that there is plenty of room for growth, so expectations surrounding this show are huge, both internally and externally. StocExpo China is a great new addition to our portfolio and fits perfectly within our strategy to provide the very best storage events, in key territories, all over the world.”


Easyfairs公司储罐展的项目总监Nick Powell先生表示:“鉴于中国市场的规模,Easyfairs选择中国作为下一个目标市场似乎是一个非常正确的决定。这将是一个梦幻组合。我们在中国看到了一个巨大需求的市场,我们深信这里将会有更广阔的增长空间,所以这次盛会将受到行业内外万众瞩目。中国储罐展将是对我们全球整体战略布局一个强有力的补充。”


Easyfairs runs the world’s largest portfolio of tank storage events, under the StocExpo and Tank Storage brand. These take place in the key bulk liquid storage hubs of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Singapore, Dubai, Hamburg, and now Shanghai, playing a critical part in many companies' marketing and export plans.


For more information on visiting the exhibition, booking as a delegate for the conference or becoming a media partner, please contact Jerry Xu, Marketing Director, +86 8416 4557 ext. 210 or Allen Zhong, Deputy General Manager, +86 8416 4557 ext. 218. Alternatively

visit the event website –

如需更多关于展会参观,参会或媒体合作等信息,请与市场总监徐先生联系:+86 8416 4557 转 210;展位预订请联系常务副总钟先生:+86 8416 4557 转 218。