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Terminal News

Enterprise announces ethylene storage and pipeline projects

Enterprise Products Partners plans to further develop its ethylene infrastructure with storage and pipeline projects following supporting customer commitments.

It will repurpose a large, high-capacity ethylene storage well at its Mont Belvieu, Texas complex. Once complete in the third quarter of 2015, the 5.3 million barrel cavern will be able to inject/withdraw ethylene at a rate of 2,000 barrels per hour.

Additionally, the company is also building a 24-miles ethylene pipeline from Mont Belvieu to Bayport, Texas. It will have the potential to connect both producing and consuming sites south of the Houston Ship Channel to Mont Belvieu. The pipeline will be routed through Enterprise's ethane export terminal at Morgan's Point, which provides future flexibility should the company develop ethylene export capabilities at the Morgan's Point marine terminal.

R.B. Herrscher senior vice president, petrochemical for Enterprise's general partner, says: 'As US ethylene production capacity expands over the next three years, access to reliable logistics services will be needed, and Enterprise is ideally positioned to fill the gap.

'These growth capital projects will expand our ethylene system to meet the growing needs of the petrochemical industry. These new storage and transportation assets will also complement our existing capabilities, giving us the foundation for extending our ethylene value chain even further.'