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Technical News

Newson Gale acquired by Hoerbiger

The Hoerbiger Group has acquired Newson Gale.

The acquisition of Newson Gale, which provides solutions to disable uncontrolled discharge of static electricity and eliminating ignition sources, will strengthen Hoerbiger's business model further.

The company offers a range of safety-related products and services for explosion protection and check valves used in oil, gas, carbon and dust applications.

Previously, the majority of the shares of Newson Gales have been held by founder Ernest Kochmann and his family, with a minority being held by CEO Graham Tyers.

The purchase prices has not been disclosed.

Dr Martin Komischke, CEO and chairman of Hoerbiger says: 'Safety and explosion prevention technology are attractive growth markets which ideally complement Hoerbiger's core business and hold attractive development potential.

'With Newson Gale's reputation and know-how, we will strengthen our leading role as developer and global provider of performance-defining safety related components and services.'

Newson Gale CEO Graham Tyers adds: 'Hoerbiger is a buyer active in the industrial safety business with global market access and providing a stable financial background. Hoerbiger's vision of building a large safety division precisely matched our shareholder's expectations for the future of Newson Gale.'