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Terminal News

US has highest storage capacity globally

The US has the highest amount of liquids storage capacity globally, followed by Indonesia and China.

According to GlobalData, the US has 2,162 million barrels of capacity, followed by Indonesia with 2,014 million barrels and China, with 660 million barrels.

This means that the US accounts for 26% of the total global liquids storage capacity. According to the data and analytics company, it is expected to add capacity of 46 million barrels from 21 planned and announced storage terminals between 2018 to 2021.

Indonesia, with a 24% share in the global liquids storage capacity, plans to add an additional 54 million barrels from four planned and announced terminals during the same period.

However, even though China contributes 8% towards to the total global storage capacity, a total of 10 planned and announced terminals in China are expected to add a capacity of 66 million barrels until 2021.

The fourth major contributor with Japan, with 354 million barrels, followed by South Korea, with 231 million barrels.

The Netherlands accounts for 3% of global storage capacity with 218 million barrels in 2018.